Sunday, August 22, 2010

Steamed Chocolate Cupcake

Steamed ones actually taste much nicer than Oven Baked ones. You can whip this up in a jiffy. My family loved it and this will surely motivate me to try out more variety of Steamed Cakes.

- 3 eggs
- 150g sugar (i used only 120g)
- 1/4 tsp of salt (about a pinch)
- 100g corn oil

100g orange juice

180g plain flour (sifted0
20g cocoa powder
1 tsp sodium bicarbonate
2 1/2 tsps double action baking powder

1. Whip A until sugar dissolves and thickens. Add in B, mix until well blended.
2. Fold in sieved C, mixed until well-blended. (Remember to fold manually and not blend or whip) 
3. Pour in onto greased cupcake moulds. I used the corn oil to grease it.
4. Steam of 25 - 30 minutes per batch.
Makes about 12.

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