Saturday, May 29, 2010

Future Order Spree 2

Kitty Lovers out there, these 4 limited edition items is up for grabs now. You can preorder yours at The Kitty Store - expected date of delivery is Nov/Dec 2010. Cost is RM 85 each and a deposit of RM 30 per item is required for your order. Pre-order will close on 5 June 2010. To pre-order please email us at

Hello Kitty Lacquared Lunch Box (Available in Black and Pink). Size is approximately 12.5 x 10 cm and the height is 7 cm. Comes with a strap. Comes in 2 layers top layer capacity is 200ml while bottom layer capacity is 280ml.

Hello Kitty Teapot and Tea Cup Set. (Available in Pink or Black). Teapot diameter is 13 cm and height is 9.5 cm while tea cup height is 6 cm.

Hello Kitty Lacqured Square Bento Set. (Available in Pink or Black). Comes in 3 separate trays each with the capacity of 750ml, 550ml and 400ml. Size is 15 x 15 cm while the height is 13.5 cm.

Hello Kitty Frying Pan. (Available in Open Eyes or Blinking Eyes design). Pan diameter is 20 cm. Non-stick material.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The Kitty Store will be having it's first mid year sale from 27 May to 9 June. More than 140 items will be on sale with discounts up to 30%. Don't miss it!

A refreshing jelly for a hot day

Made it in the morning, ready to be devour at night!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Kitty and Friends Dinner

Normal Rice, Egg Fried Rice and Tomato Fried Rice.

Hello Kitty - with seaweed eys and whiskers, capsicum ribbon and carrot nose.

Bear (egg fried rice) with carrot ears and seaweed eyes and nose.

Rabbit (Tomato Fried Rice) with carrot flower and seaweed eyes and nose.

The Hello Kitty Sushi Pack that was used to create this special dish.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hello Kitty Donut

For Mother's Day I decided to make something for the family to enjoy together. Wanted to do something fast and easy and also YUMMY!. Although this is a donut maker, I would say that it's a healthy donut maker as it's not deep-fried in oil like the traditional ones. This is cooked in the mircowave. You will need the Hello Kitty Donut Maker to create this special one of a kind donuts.Ingredients and steps as follows:
A recipe booklet is included in the pack and its translated as follows:

a. 150 g of pancake premix. (I used the Betty Crocker pancake premix).
b. 100 ml of room temperature milk.
c. 1 egg
d. 35 g  of caster sugar.
e. 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil for greasing.

1. Put all the ingredients inside the donut cup. ** The donut cup can also be used as a measuring cup for all your other baking escapades.
2. Put in the flower shaped strainer and then close it with the Hello Kitty head cap. Make sure you close it tight so that there is no spillage.
3. Shake it for about 2 minutes until everything is mixed well. I would suggest that you shift the pancake premix first so that it is easier to mix while in the cup otherwise lumps may form.
4. Remove the cap and the strainer and replace with the spout.
5. Grease the 4 moulds with some vegetable oil. Make sure you grease it again after everytime you want to use it.
6. Pour the mixed batter into the moulds. Make sure that it is about 1/2 full only as it will fluff up while cooking and will overspill otherwise.

7. Put it into the microwave. As a guideline:
- for 500 W - 1 minute 50 seconds
- for 600 W - 1 minute 30 seconds
- for 700 W - 1 minute 15 seconds
(These are all estimates only and if its very think, longer time in the mircowave is needed).

8. Remove from the microwave, carefully remove the lid and then turn it over so that the cooked donut will drop out. If its greased well, it will fall out by itself. Start another batch. 1 batch of batter can make about 12 donuts. You can also stir in some melted Milo or Chocolate to create Milo or Chocolate donut.

9. Now enjoy your donut with some chocolate sauce, icing sugar and whatever you desire.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hello Kitty Waffle

This was our breakfast this morning. The waffle iron set comes with a recipe booklet but unfortunately it is all in Japanese. Therefore took some initiative and got some of it translated and work blindly on the rest.

Instead of making waffle batter from scratch I bought a packet of Betty Crocker Pancake mix and all I needed to do was add water and oil. It was a small packet (about 190grms) and made 5 Hello Kitty waffles.

First you need to preheat the waffle iron by putting it on the stove, best to heat both sides for about 1 - 2 minutes each side. When it is warmed enough, open the iron and scoop the batter into the iron and close gently. Make sure that there are sufficient batter, too little and the shape will not form, too little and it will overflowed. I cooked about 1 - 2 minutes each side before opening to check whether it has browned nicely.

There is no need to grease the iron as the iron is made of good quality non-stick material. You will need to however make sure that the batter is cooked before opening the iron to peep as it will break if it is not cooked yet. Do not despair if it does not come out nice as (one side burned etc) as practice makes it perfect. I made 5 waffles and only 3 were good enough to be photographed. You be the judge. You can use a sharp pick to gently push out the waffle

The waffles are best served when it is still warm and crispy so if you want to serve all together then you need put it into the oven first to keep it hot and crisp. I served mine with butter, chocolate sauce, strawberry jam and whipped cream.

Next week or hopefully within the next few days I will try-out the donut maker.